Big River Air Limited

Travel through airplanes became quite normal as a casual trip in everyone’s life. As the world moves faster towards developing technology, airplanes are used not only for traveling purposes but also extended its importance in a wide range other useful purposes. Aircraft charter is a business of renting an entire aircraft rather than owning the aircraft seats. Most companies offer this service as a professional business for most purposes like urgent or time-sensitive cargo, air ambulance service, and other forms of ad hoc air transportation. A few aircraft companies provide a variety of large size aircrafts such as helicopters, business jets like turboprops, light jets, mid-size jets, super mid-size jets, heavy jets, long-range jets, and VIP airliners.

Most air charters are used as fleets for transportations for business deals, government deals, vacation, education tours, and lot more purposes. Among many charter companies, Big River Air Limited, an aircraft charter company offers year-round charter service on wheels, skis, and floats. The main base is located in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. This strategic location near the N.W.T. / Alberta border provides easy access to Wood Buffalo National Park, as well as northern Alberta, British Columbia, and some of the last unspoiled wilderness areas of the N.W.T. Our customers arrive from points as far away as Europe and Australia. We also carry fire suppression crews, trappers, and geologists on a regular basis.

Private Charters

Most probably private jets are used for business and leisure purposes. Our company also provides charters to the business professionals for rent at the affordable price which helps them to maximize their time efficiency and sign with great deals. With the help of our charter service, chief executives and senior managers can plan and work according to the tight schedules and also can attend all the scheduled build an app like uber business meets on time in one day. Private jets are the best choice to enjoy your leisure pursuits, as our service will offer a luxurious, comfy seats and private travel. Whether the travel is for vacation or family holiday, it doesn’t matter to us. But we will choose the best private jet for you by ensuring to have a safe and hassle-free journey with your family and friends.

Even our charters are used as the air ambulance for safe and quick travel for patients. Because it is the best option for the sick patients to get the treatment at right time in the desired place since it is the safest and quickest option for emergency cases.  Since large range aircrafts are the appropriate solution for medical evacuations and transportation which are capable of carrying patients and relatives alongside specialist medical personnel. Also offer helicopters for point to point travel, air taxi which is cost-effective to reach nearby locations, etc.


Group charter

Big River Air Limited arranges the charter for your company and employees. Our Group charters most probably carries out with large size passenger aircraft that includes regional jet airliners & turboprops, VIP & executive airliners, narrow and wide-body airliners, etc.  We enable a wide range of companies to move their workforce to anywhere across the world, keeping people and businesses moving. We support industries like oil and gas, governments, sports, engineering, military, construction, entertainments, mining, financing, pharmaceuticals, and lot more. Our professionals help you to access at various airports by saving your time and money. Our charters are used for emergency responses like medical transportations, search and rescue team, Evacuations, and repatriations, etc. we will make sure to offer our wide range of aircrafts available for entire seasons, enabling businesses uber for x startups to accommodate extra capacity, no matter how high the demand is.


Cargo chatter

Our company also delivers the goods and on-demand services on time by offering a full range of cargo aircraft, from small jets for urgent packages, to large freighters for outsize cargo along with onboard courier service. We also help to deliver the automobile parts in order to keep the production line running, or aircraft parts to aid a standard aircraft with technical issues, our experts will deliver on time to make you remain stress-free.

While shipping dangerous goods, it requires a specialist skill set along with comprehensive understanding of all classes. But no worries, our experts are experienced in handling all sort of dangerous goods and deliver them carefully with care. Moreover, shipping heavy goods is a challenging task for most of the aircraft companies. But when it comes to our company it becomes an easy task for us as we apply our knowledge and skills, our experts can arrange heavy and outsize cargo to be transported in an efficient and effective way.  Our company is expert in arranging the best charters for every cargo service and also delivering the goods safely to the desired destination as much as faster and efficient manner.

At some cases, the destination may be an isolated location or hostile environment, but our professionals have enough comprehensive knowledge of appropriate operations to enter such regions and have an incomparable network of contacts for permits and documentation with any other aircraft companies. Safe and secure of every passenger, their belongings, and their dream or aim to reach the destination is the main goal of every professional working in our company. So with no more second options choose our service and enjoy the travel and reach the desired place on time with our experts and will make you find any reasons to go with other charter companies.