Fly-in fishing

try-a-northern-alberta-fly-in-fishing-holiday-L-6Fly-in fishing is an angling method used to catch fish. It is a trip and one of the most iconic dreams of most people to do fishing in vacations. A fly-in fishing trip begins on the berth with you and your gear loaded into any of your aircraft chatters and then taking off to begin an ultimate journey. Prepare yourself to see the spectacular sight scenes below as you fly over the dense forests, rocky hills, inland lakes and rivers in the Northwest Territories, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to suit every budget or interest. Big River Air Ltd. offers package and custom fly-in fishing trips to the above areas.

These areas receive a few fishing pressure and consequently remains one of those truly special places to go for the vacation with family and friends. Moreover, you will always catch a lot of bigger size fishes as the equipment used for fishing are quite stronger to catch the fish. When you are about to take a trip in the plane for fishing, the trip provides a relaxation to your mind by showing the beautiful places and glimpses of fishes swimming over the top layer of the lake which creates a curiosity to catch it. Most of the Canadian people have this dream of fishing in planes and can often see them in fishing spots.